Chris & Paige : Married! : Part 2 : Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Following Chris and Paige’s wedding ceremony, we headed to the beautiful ¬†Mendakota Country Club¬†where we were able to take in the prettiest sunset with Chris and Paige and their wedding party. It was not long after that we jumped right into a fabulous dinner, touching speeches, and a jam-packed dance floor. What a fun, joyous wedding this was all around! If you missed part 1 of Chris and Paige’s wedding, you can find it here.

Chris’ best man gave a touching speech. He is currently serving in the military and was unable to be in attendance for the wedding.

It was a flash mob…

Congratulations Chris and Paige!!

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3 Responses to Chris & Paige : Married! : Part 2 : Minnesota Wedding Photographer

  1. Susan Kish says:

    Every one of these photos are perfect.

  2. Paul Panicola says:

    All these’s pictures and I dont see griff on the dance floor anywhere.

  3. Paul Panicola says:

    Wait I didn’t see you on the dance floor either.

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